Ride at Scipio

35.1° N, 96.0° W

Located in Southeastern Oklahoma, Scipio Recreational Trails is home-base for the Tulsa Trail Riders. Featuring a challenging 29.3 mile trail loop consisting of single track through tight woods, hill climbs, water crossing, and rocks. 

Each year, Scipio is host to one round of the Black Jack Enduro Circuit where racers from the region come to compete and enjoy the top-notch trails, scenic views, and high quality campgrounds. The park remains open year-round to the public with the purchase of a daily or yearly pass. 

Camping is permitted to those who wish to stay overnight. The following amenities are available onsite: water station, power (near the large parking area), restrooms, and a covered pavilion.

UTV’s/Side by Sides or 4X4 trucks are NOT permitted on the property for recreational use. No vehicle wider than 50″ will fit through the entry portal. Nothing with a steering wheel is permitted.

All Trails are single directional/one way only. If you need to return to the parking area please procced to the next road and take it back.

Kids loop – there is a designated kids loop east of the pavilion about 50 yards. It’s about a 3/4 mile loop.

Spark arresters are required. Loud exhaust systems are NOT permitted. Nobody wants to listen to that noise anyway!

Please do not litter and if you see any litter please pick it up. Cigarette butts and bottle caps are litter too!

Daily Pass

$10 / day
  • 1 Calendar Day Access

Family Pass

$75 / year
  • 365 Days for your immediate family under 18